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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  August 10, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the thing probably weighed a hundred, 125 pounds so there was no doing that we were able to get the rope underneath it and drug it up. got it up on the deck and man handled it, grabbed it by its fins and threw it in the water. >> reporter: all on board realized incredibly no one had gotten hurt. >> it's back in the water and you guys are assuming are looking at each other like what just happened. >> we're still doing that right now to be honest with you. i've been out on the water since i was a kid. i have some weird things that have happened. this definitely takes the cake. >> that was vanessa reporting. the news is far from over tonight. brian bolter now with the news edge at 11:00. a red hot debate making its town hall debut in our area. we've seen fireworks at health care reform meetings nationwide. tonight maryland's turn. a giant crowd descended on towson university for the the first major town hall gathering on the issue. didn't take long for both sides
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to get fired up. >> reporter: maryland senator ben cardin said he knew they would have a huge crowd and towson and there were. there were more than 500 people inside the meeting and even more outside. outside towson university's concert hall hundreds lined both sides of the streets. all the way to the front door of the building they had signs and bullhorns. they were passing out literature. some in support of universal health care. >> i just wanted to show my support in light of some of the angry protests that have been happening. some of the orchestrated protests that have been happening. >> let's make the country -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: others adamantly against it. >> i think it's the president's intention to ramrod something through congress and got give the people a chance to consider it or be heard. >> reporter: both sides passion natalie trying to get their point across. >> me coming out here is not
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american. saying you have to take this health care is un-american. >> i did not realize that we had as many people that would be against something that is in their own interest. >> reporter: inside senator ben cardin hosted a town hall meeting in an effort to get information about universal health care out to the public. >> in my own state of maryland we're projecting premiums will double in the ten years. it's already for a family in excess of $11,000 a year. >> i want to make sure everybody understands where we are today. >> reporter: just like it's been in town hall meetings all over the country, the senator's efforts to inform were often interrupted by loud outbursts. >> i believe resters have the right to protest. i find nothing wrong with protesters doing what they're doing. if you disrupt a meeting, that's something different. i disagree with that. >> reporter: senator cardin will hold another town hall
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meeting wednesday in hagerstown. >> wisdom martin tonight. as town hall tensions rise, the white houses isn't sitting back. the administration launched this new website today. it's called reality check. it is to clear up confusion about the president's health care overhaul. mr. obama discussed the plan today telling a crowd in mexico he expects congress to pass it. to virginia now. a deadly dog attack. a young man mauled after trying to break up a fight between several dogs. police found the 20-year-old victim dead in a home on plaz take deceit in -- plaza street in leesburg space yi cohan joins -- facie cohan -- stacy company hahn joins us with more. >> reporter: police discovered what happened shortly after 2:00 p.m. when a family member asked them to check on the young man because no one could reach him. in addition to those pit bulls, police found another small dog dead and this cocker spaniel was found safe inside a cage.
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there was quite a different rage outside the home as friends and family members got the news. >> we played peewee baseball together and grew up all the way through high school. this-- >> dogs fight all the time. i guess he was trying to get in between them because they got a little too serious. next thing you know they turned on him. >> loudoun county animal control did take custody of those two pit bulls. area pastors came into the community to talk with some of the young man's friends and helped them with their grief. he graduated two years ago from heritage high school and had recently recovered from cancer. more trouble on the tracks for metro. an employee died while working on the railing. last night 63 yeartd michael nash was -- 63-year-old michael nash was hit by a piece of equipment. the 21-year veteran was replacing cross ties near the metro stop. now the transit agency has
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suspended some track maintenance maintenance. >> it's the type of operation that you cannot be distracted, even for a small period of time. and that's one of the areas that we want to look at was there something that distracted our employee. >> nash's wife claims her husband wasn't even supposed to be working. he loved his job and worked constantly and was a hard worker. he was working overtime sunday and went to work early. he was supposed to start at 10:00 p.m. the accident happened at 9:50 p.m. i am saddened and devastated. mother nature turning up the heat on the entire nation. the sun went down a couple hours ago. right now still muggy out there. a few of us saw some pop-up storms. gary mcgrady in the weather center now. we out of the woods yet? >> storms are moving on off to the east. temperatures are cooling down. so tough' been lucky enough to
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get -- so you've been lucky enough to get some of these thunderstorms, it owdin down. o th'll gie oundathstorms swe r ese have moved east of the district. there was a little shower thngering in the district but 'sll a moved away. annapolis the heaviest of this rain has moved just to the east of you guys along the ayno e w crossing over the wbay and the thunderstorm activity is weakening just a little bit. we're going to somhmore ret ow but the athe wiom be diminisha uibit, bit, it especially during the ek. we'll have that complete forecast too. >> see you in a bit. two discoveries in the hudson river. the plane and a body inside. sarah simmons is everywhere at 11:00 starting at new york city. >> reporter: searchers found the eighth body in the wreck annual of the small plane that collided with the helicopter n. all nine people were killed in saturday's mid air crash. tomorrow divers will continue their search for the final victim that's unaccounted for. they're also looking for more wreckage hoping it could help determine what caused the accident. tokyo all shook up.
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a strong earthquake in the indian ocean jolting japan tonight. the quake rattled furniture and walls, even forced two nuclear reactors to be shut down for safety checks. no reports of extensive damage or injuries. experimental testing is now underway for a swine flu vaccine. volunteers lined up today in a race to get a new vaccine out before the fall flu season. adults are being tested first. if the vaccine is found to be safe, it will move on to kids. the university of maryland school of medicine is among the sites taking part in that testing. south carolina's governor under fire again. not over his affair in argentina. instead some accuse him of breaking the law. facebook taking the blame for rocky relationships. why some say the site could be doing damage to your love life. a few of the stories we're working o. it's monday night. we have the hottest day of the
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week under our belts. downhill from here, right? we're back in two. 
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today the democrat incontender unleashed a new attack. the issue abortion. today's deeds told supporters in annandale if elected he would protect a woman's right to choose but in a political is on the pocketbook these days, some analysts think a social campaign is risky. >> voters here in virginia are not going to be as interested in the social issues because the economy is trumping everything else. >> mcdonald's campaign is taking that analysis to heart. they responded to deeds attack with a statement to fox 5 focusing on the economy and virginia's high unemployment rate. south carolina's governor can't stay out of trouble. first the affair. now he's accused of breaking the law. there are questions about governor mark sanford's travels, specifically whether he charged taxpayers for first class flights when law requires the cheapest travel possible. it's also reported he used the planes for personal trips
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heading to sporting events, parties, dental and hair appointments. legislators must now decide whether to pursue sanctions. a new style of wal-mart stores making its debut this week. sarah simmons back now with your fox 5 top five. >> reporter: brian, we begin with a retail giant adding a little latin flavor. number five, wal-mart is targeting the nation's fast growing latino population opening up a club in houston. the latino warehouse is similar to a sam's club. if successful expects say this could be the beginning of a nationwide trend. number four, how facebook could be ruining your relationship. a canadian study finds postings on the social networking site can wreck romances. the reason? those posts can set off feelings of jealousy in couples leading to compulsiveehavior. number three is a reason to smile. as you grow older. a stanford study found the older you get, the happier most people become.
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researchers say older people generally make the best of the time they have left avoiding sad or stressful situations. the study also says they are more resilient to criticism. number two, look carefully. a dazzling sight in the skies. the perseid meteor display will be visible tomorrow night. you could be up to 80 an hour if the moon doesn't block the view. number one, say it ain't so. gas prices are on the way back up. the lundberg survey reports a 16-cent spike in the last two weeks alone. the national average $2.64. a little lower here athome, though. analysts say you can blame the jump on crude oil prices. they're up, too. we posted tonight's top five on our website. just go to click on web links. coming up next, the summer scorcher isn't quite over yet. dare's -- gary's got your forecast. don't let this heat force your
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check this out. you don't have to stand in line anymore. the future of banking could be in the palm of your hand. texas bank is letting customers make deposits using their iphone. customers take a picture of both sides of the check, then submit it to the bank. they say they won't even have to mail the check in later. there are security measures to prevent fraud. customers must apply for eligibility as well and have insurance through the bank. sign of the times. air conditioners working overtime in the heat, possibly draining your bank account along the way. doesn't have to be that way. there are things you can do right now to cut eneenergy costs. melanie alnwick breaks them down. >> reporter: when the temperature is through the roof, so are your energy bills. cutting back on your cooling costs doesn't have to be a big project. >> there's a lot of convenience
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to it. >> reporter: explains brian of home energy saving company eco beco. >> there are some things you can do yourself. >> reporter: getting and using a programmable thermostat is a sure-fire way to save. >> let the house be a little warmer from 9:00 until 5:00 and that will save you a lot of money over the course of the summer. >> reporter: a simple one is $50 plus installation. it can pay for itself in the first year. switching your light bulbs can make a difference too. compact fluorescents not only use less energy, they also give off a lot less heat than those incandescent bulbs. >> don't touch it. >> reporter: in fact they produce almost no heat at all. >> when you have them on in your home, you're actually heating your living space. >> reporter: keeping hot air out and cool air in means you've got to feel the he leak. -- feel the leak. you can start with weather stripping on your windows and
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doors. >> between caulking and weather stripping, you can make a big difference in terms of reducing ow air moves in and out of your home. >> reporter: this is cheap. >> this is really cheap stuff. you can get it at any home improvent store. >> reporter: even your outlets can benefit from extra install r full ration -- extra insulation. maybe we can put it this way. the hottest day is out of the way. >> exactly. so far it's been the hottest say so far this season, at least for national. temperatures warmed up into the upper 90s for just about everybody. the rains came. the rains have moved on. there's a great picture of the washington monument. a couple of showers in the district. but right now we start off with max hd radar. you can see where these thunderstorms are now heading across the bay. they've moved out of severna park. chesapeake beach may have a little shower in there. it's crossing over. you can see easton is going to be knocking on your door or is
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knocking on your door. you're hearing off in the distance no doubt about that. a couple of thunderstorm warnings out across the bay. nothing to worry about here because this is all moving on. mentioned the highs today. 97 at national. 97 for dulles. the as ter risk right there means it was a record setter. it beat the old record by one degree. 94 was the high for bwi. tomorrow a little cooler with the clouds and we'll have some more showers and thunderstorms. so 92. temperatures topple with the frontal system moving through. on wednesday 88. a little cooler for thursday and friday. 86 for both of those days. we should be right around 87 for our normal average high temperature. so we'll be back towards that by the middle and latter part of the week. 77 right now. temperature has really cooled with the thunderstorms moving through. warmer still for dulles. frederick 79 and winchester is 81. another mild overnight with the clouds. 77 here in the city.
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74 out to centreville. perhaps right around 71 degrees for winchester. even as you get out into the suburbs temperatures get cooler in the overnight. there is a risk tomorrow morning to some of the showers and thunderstorms could be strong to severe. looks like the greatest instability will be just to the east of us and up to the northeast of us. max hd future cast tomorrow evening at 5:00 notice spotty thunderstorms as we progress through the evening it gets a little bit more organized and shifts on off to the northeast by late tomorrongeprnive. as the front comes through depending on how far the front gets on wednesday we'll have a few more showers and thunderstorms scattered about. again as that front pushes farther to the south, though, our weather conditions will improve. tomorrow we start off warm, 82 at 8:00 a.m. 89 at lunch time. 91 to 92 for a high tomorrow. and that will all be dictated by just how much in the way of sunshine we actually get tomorrow and i don't think we'll get a whole lot. again the frontal system comes
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pad. he's protecting a tweaked hamstring. devon thomas also had a bad hammy. he missed practice today and was limited to light work on the side. denot play in saturday's scrimmage but hopes to play in thursday's preseason opener at the baltimore ravens. he's competing for the second receiver's job. so devon is missing -- devin is missing time -- -- missing time in pads an issue? >> i'm not concerned. i know what i can do. when i get out there i'll show it. i'm keep working hard and when it's time it's time. >> right now we're still trying to get devin's hamstring, all the treatment and things like that, to get his hamstring up to speed and see how it goes. >> to maryland football. they held their annual media today. ten starters returned from last year's team that went 8-5. not all of the conversation was focused on the upcoming season. much of the media wanted to discuss the new head coach. you see, ralph friedgen is indeed a new man. he dropped 105 pounds since starting his diet in october.
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>> to me i don't want that to be the topic here. the topic is our season and, you know, people have been very kind to me and very gracious and i appreciate that and i appreciate their concern. i'm just going to stick with this and see where it goes. >> ralph looks great. where the terps go will probably depend on how well chris turner place. the senior corner back enters his third season as the starter. he is the give -- [ inaudible ] he has posted a 6-1 career record against top 25 teams. his performance will have a major say in how well maryland does this season. >> i feel like there's a lot of weight on my shoulders but it's not necessarily a bad thing. it's something i wait add long time for -- waited a long time for. i welcome it. i want to -- [ indiscernible ] i'm happy with it.
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i feel good. >> nationals rookie right hander jordin zimmerman probably needs reconstructive elbow surgery that would side line him for at least a year. two doctors have already recommended that plan. the nats will sick a third opinion. washington plays atlanta tomorrow. tonight the o's hosting the a's. hot enough to go shirtless for this young man. a fly ball down the right field line. ryan sweeney in foul territory makes a nice sliding cash. it's two outs. delivers the base hit to left field. the single scores two runs. ellis with the rst five-hit game of his career. the 7th inning the rains would come. delayed the game for 50 minutes. they did finish. anyone got an ark? nascar racing at watkins glen after being rained out yesterday yesterday.
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hornish gets pushed off the track, bounces off the barrier into traffic and takes out jeff gordon. this was a spectacular accident on a ed on course -- on a road course that unbelievably everybody was able to walk away from. tony stewart went on to win his third race of the year. i'm dave feldman. brian is back to wrap up the edge right after this.  ♪
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